A Prince William Acquaintance Anonymously Called Him a "Self-Righteous and Spoilt Little *****"

A Prince William Acquaintance Anonymously Called Him a "Self-Righteous and Spoilt Little *****"

Considering The Crown just dropped, Prince Harry's memoir is about to drop, and the Sussexes' docuseries is right around the corner, the royals have a lot to spiral about. And while they haven't said anything publicly about all of the above ^^^ just yet, royal expert Simon Heffer writes in The Telegraph that there is "great private concern" about the impact Harry's memoir in particular is having on the "upper echelons" of the royal family.

According to Heffer, Prince William in particular is "appalled at his brother’s general behavior" and simply can't believe the book is coming out at all. Oh, and "someone who knows" Prince William said he can be “a self-righteous and spoilt little *****,” but added that there's "no doubt" he has the royals' best interests at heart when it comes to his attitude towards Harry.

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Meanwhile, Heffer also has some inside scoop about Prince Harry specifically. Mostly that his "former friends" are struggling to believe he'll "enjoy living in exile in America for very much longer," or that he "foresaw any of the growing consequence" of his decision to leave.

So...what's going to happen next? So much, lol. For starters, courtiers think King Charles will welcome Harry and Meghan back to England to live permanently if they want to return (emphasis on "if"). That is, unless Harry's book is "deeply damaging," in which case bridges might be forever burned. Meanwhile, courtiers aren't convinced that Prince William will ever "accept a reconciliation" with his brother, which could be a problem for King Charles.

Either way, all eyes will be on England's shiny new King after the publication of Harry's book, and Heffer writes that his "response" will demonstrate both his abilities as a father, and as a monarch.

Gentle reminder that Harry's memoir drops on January 11, so stay tuned. 👀

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