Prince Jackson Just Reacted To Harry Styles Being Called The New "King Of Pop"

You might remember, a few months back, when Harry Styles was crowned the new "King of Pop" by Rolling Stone.

A closeup of Harry wearing a striped blazer and silk scarf
Stephane Cardinale - Corbis / Corbis via Getty Images

It sparked a bunch of outrage online at the time, specifically from Michael Jackson fans, as many still consider him the reigning king, even more than a decade after his death.

  Gilbert Carrasquillo
Gilbert Carrasquillo

Michael Jackson's nephew, Taj, ended up weighing in amid the debate...

Michael Jackson on the red carpet
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...and now Michael's son, Prince Jackson, has too.

  Jeffrey Mayer / WireImage
Jeffrey Mayer / WireImage

Prince said on Good Morning Britain that while Harry is a great artist, he thinks that his father has really earned the title. "Harry Styles is an incredible artist," Prince said. "He’s got his own genre and he’s definitely an amazing artist."

Prince at a red carpet event
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"But the 'King of Pop' was a moniker that really my dad earned in a time that the access to information and the access to popularity and fame wasn’t as easily accessible as it is today," he said.

  Noel Vasquez / Getty Images
Noel Vasquez / Getty Images

"And with so many other social factors that you have to take into consideration at that time, I do feel that my father is the King of Pop, will always be the King of Pop, and it’s not something that you can ever take away," Prince continued, "because we’ve just evolved so much as a society that those same factors will never be the same. So when you look at…from where my father started to where he ended, versus where all these other people started to where they ended, it’s just night and day of a difference."

Prince speaking onstage as he stand next to his sister Paris
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I heard you, Prince! You can watch what he said right here: