Prince Harry Reveals to Stephen Colbert That He Watches The Crown and Factchecks the Episodes

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Prince Harry appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight to speak about his just-released memoir, Spare. While the interview was serious at many times, focusing on Prince Harry's time in the military, and his work with veterans, Colbert also got Harry to loosen up.

The pair drank tequila cocktails throughout the conversation, and in one funny moment, Prince Harry admitted to watching all of The Crown, the Netflix series about his family. (A young Prince Harry even made a few brief appearances in the latest season) "Do you fact check it while you watch it?" Colbert asks. Prince Harry mimes fact-checking, then says with a laugh, "I do, actually." Given that it's a late night show, Colbert also didn't miss the opportunity to ask Harry about the story behind his frost-nipped penis, a narrative which takes up a surprising amount of real estate in the book.

Prince Harry also told Colbert that he and Meghan have "created a fantastic life in California" sharing that "America is a great place to live." And he spoke at length about his mother, how he has coped with his grief, and how he feels closer to her now than he did for a long time.

celebrity sightings in new york city january 09, 2023
Prince Harry is seen leaving The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on January 9.Gotham - Getty Images

Though the interview aired the evening of January 10, Prince Harry taped it yesterday in front of the live studio audience. Colbert said yesterday on the show, "I've read the book—it's very enjoyable, quite emotional, quite revealing. I'm going to have so much to talk about with his Hairyness."

Harry's appearance on Late Show is his only late night show in promotion of his book, and the only interview he did with an audience.

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