Prince Harry Reportedly Embarrassed Meghan Markle By Looking 'Miserable' At Beyoncé Concert

Prince Harry Meghan Markle sit awkwardly Invictus Games 2023
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Meghan Markle has often been accused of embarrassing Prince Harry and the rest of the royal family – but it seems like she got a taste of her own medicine when she and her husband attended Beyoncé’s Renaissance concert in Los Angeles on Friday, September 1st. Several pictures of Prince Harry, Meghan, and her mom Doria Ragland enjoying the concert from a private balcony – all dressed in silver ensembles as per Queen Bey’s request, of course – found their way onto social media following the show, and Prince Harry was spotted looking extremely miserable.

This was a stark contrast to his solo appearance at the Inter Miami and Los Angeles FC game at the BMO Stadium in L.A. on September 3rd, where he was pictured looking happy and care-free, which many social media users attributed to the fact that Meghan wasn’t there.

“Harry like ‘I don’t know these songs,'” joked one fan in the comments section of a now-viral Twitter post by @bluesbabysitter. “Harold does not want to be there,” commented another, followed by the crying laughing emoji. “He always looks so miserable when she drags him out for her lil photo ops,” stated another Twitter user, as someone else said, “I think he may be regretting some of his life choices.”

And it wasn’t just social media users who weighed in on Prince Harry’s behavior. “He looked miserable,” an insider reportedly told In Touch. “It’s led to more tension with Meghan, who’s telling him to stop embarrassing them,” the insider continued, adding, “She had a great time cutting loose and dancing with her mom – to have Harry stiff as a board in the background on a date night was a major buzzkill.” Yikes!

Body Language Expert Analyzes Prince Harry's Behavior At Beyoncé's Concert

According to Ok!, body language expert Darren Stanton, who was speaking on behalf of Betfair Bingo, confirmed that there was no mistaking that the Duke of Sussex was extremely "out of his comfort zone" at the concert, and seemed "unimpressed" while he was there. The Duchess of Sussex, on the other hand, was seemingly having the time of her life according to the expert.

"Meghan looked absolutely mesmerized – she was really into it in a big way with her dancing," Stanton claimed. "She was ecstatically overjoyed to be there. Harry was trying to enter into the spirit of it, however he ended up doing this disjointed dad dancing," he continued, adding. "He looked really awkward at some points and was definitely out of his comfort zone."

Did Prince Harry Only Attend The Concert To Make Meghan 'Happy?'

Stanton went on to explain that Prince Harry's behavior – which In Touch's source claimed Meghan would have found embarrassing – at the concert doesn’t necessarily mean there is trouble in paradise, as per the rumors that have been doing the rounds over the past few months. In fact, he thinks that Prince Harry being there for his wife and mother-in-law, who celebrated her 67th birthday the following day, actually meant that he was trying to please her even though it definitely didn’t seem like his thing.

"He was obviously trying to have a good time for Meghan, but I don’t really think it’s his bag," Stanton thought. "His movements were pretty half-hearted, which tells me that he was just trying to make her happy on the night."

"I think the most telling piece of footage of Harry and Meghan from the night was when the pair were dancing together in the box," he continued, adding, "It was a blatant display of public affection, even though Harry’s mother-in-law Doria was also there."

He added: "At one point, Harry hugged his wife and dipped her down, before almost going in for a kiss. I think he was having a bit of fun with Meghan. In that moment, there was fantastic interaction and a deep connection between the two of them."

Stanton went on to say that the pictures taken by fans actually show that Prince Harry and Meghan's relationship appears to be stronger than ever! "I do think the footage shows a different side to Harry and Meghan," he confessed. "They looked completely loved up and Harry is genuinely besotted by Meghan. We do have this massive reciprocal liking between the two. They have incredible rapport together."