Prince George's "Eyes Lit Up" While Eating His First Ant According to Bear Grylls

Prince George's "Eyes Lit Up" While Eating His First Ant According to Bear Grylls

Back in 2019, British TV host and adventurer Bear Grylls made some waves at the King's Cup Regatta on the Isle of Wight—not just for his sailing wins, but for his fun and funny interaction with the young Prince George. At the time, Grylls revealed as he accepted his trophy for the event that George had actually eaten an ant for the first time, saying, "And also Prince George, your first ant you ate today. And that is a great moment. Well done you."

Now he's expanded on the story, revealing to Good Morning Britain today some additional details about how George's adventurous eating moment came about. Evidently, the prince and the outdoorsman met thanks to George's grandmother, Carole Middleton, who told Grylls that the young royal was a big fan of his Netflix show. As the duo were talking, they noticed a line of ants wandering across George's foot, and being well-known for his survivalist skills, including some daring eating all his own, Grylls naturally suggested that they try a taste (a tart one, apparently, as he later explained).

"I said to him: 'Come on, we've got to eat one,' and he went, 'Really?'" Grylls explained, according to Hello!. "It was a privilege to give the future king his first ant and his eyes lit up as they do with anyone who's out in the wild and they face a few fears and they overcome them, so good for him, what a little hero."

While his snack may have been a bit out of the box, it's not entirely surprising for Prince William and Kate Middleton's intrepid eldest child. The Cambridges have always made a point of being nature oriented, and in recent months it's been revealed that Prince George is not only a budding environmentalist, but also a big fan of snakes.

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