Prince estate clears John Legend to use 'Purple Rain' on 'The Voice U.S.'

The final five competed — from home — this Monday to win The Voice Season 18, and really, any of them could take the title when Carson Daly announces the winner on Tuesday. Some viewers may gravitate towards the artistry of subtle singer-songwriters like Team Legend’s CammWess, Team Kelly’s Micah Iverson, or Team Nick’s Thunderstorm Artis; others may prefer the dynamite-diva stylings of flawless Team Blake powerhouse Toneisha Harris. Actually, it’s highly likely that Team Blake’s pastor/everyman/father of eight Todd Tilghman will prevail, as he smartly played right to his base this Monday, performing a MercyMe hit in his empty small-town church. Last week, Todd admitted that he’d already stocked his home with confetti for this week’s quarantined finale, and he has reason to be cocky — but anything could happen.

But no matter who wins, CammWess has sort of won already, because he can always boast that he was the first contestant in The Voice U.S. history ever granted permission to sing Prince’s most iconic song, “Purple Rain” — after his coach, John Legend, personally vouched for him to Prince’s estate. (Side note: Micah also became the first Voice U.S. contestant to receive clearance to sing Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars” — which was cool too, though somewhat less historic.)

Video Transcript

CAMMWESS: (SINGING) I only wanted to see you laughing in the purple rain.

Purple rain, purple rain.

- Part one of "The Voice" finale Monday got off to a strong start when Team John Legend's artist, CammWess, gave a worthy performance of one of Prince's best songs, "Purple Rain."

CAMMWESS: (SINGING) Purple rain, purple rain, oh,

Purple rain, purple rain.

- The 22-year-old contestant shared that Prince is his all-time favorite artist, and was even the first concert he ever went to.

JOHN LEGEND: "Purple Rain" has never been cleared for a performance on "The Voice." I got an email from one of the managers, "John, will you vouch for this guy, CammWess?" And I was like--

CAMMWESS: Oh, man.

JOHN LEGEND: --I will absolutely vouch for CammWess.

- The Prince Estate clearing "Purple Rain" was obviously a big deal, which made the performance even more special to CammWess.

CAMMWESS: It's really poetic. It's really crazy. I'm-- I'm not going to lie. I cried about it--


CAMMWESS: --a bunch of times.

JOHN LEGEND: I'm getting emotional now, just thinking about it with you.

- Following CammWess's performance, coach Nick Jonas had nothing but the biggest praise for the artist, and so did viewers on social media, like this person who admitted, "OK, Cam did Purple Rain justice. I really enjoyed his performance."

NICK JONAS: You delivered an absolutely credible vocal. I'm a huge Prince fan-- rest in peace-- and I think you did that song justice. And it was an amazing way to open the show tonight.