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Teachers, nurses and podiatrists love this shoe — and it's just $29 for Prime Day

On your feet all day? Then you know the importance of investing in a pair of shoes that can handle the stress. While plenty of name brands claim they can support you on even your most intense days, they also come with equally intense price tags — and who wants to spend upwards of a hundred bucks on sneakers? Well, one of Amazon’s bestselling shoes — the Slow Man Women's Walking Shoes — do the work of high-end designer sneakers minus the price tag. And they're down to $29 for Prime Day!

Lightweight and flexible, these shoes are made with a mesh upper and have a boxed toe for an extra roomy fit.
$29 at Amazon

The kicks are made of mesh fabric, so they feel light on your feet and are just as flexible as your favorite pair of socks. The outsole has an air bubble — which board-certified podiatrist Dr. Polina Zaydenberg says is “a great shock absorber” — and the chunky rubber sole provides “plenty of cushioning.” The wide toebox is accommodative for those with bunions and hammertoes too. The durable sole helps prevent slips.

The kicks, which come in 25 colors and styles, have over 57,000 five-star reviews. We’ll wait as you pick your jaw up off the floor.

While reviewers praise virtually every part of the sneakers, from the sole to the style, they can all agree on one thing: They’re hands-down the most comfortable shoes they own.

Person wearing black sneakers and black leggings
We'd really be a bunch of heels if we didn't mention that these babies come in 30 different colors. (Photo: Amazon)

Medical pros swear by them

The ultimate test for a pair of sneakers? If nurses and doctors can get behind them. In the case of the Slow Man shoes, they can!

“These shoes are so great for nurses who stand on their feet for long periods of time,” one health-care worker wrote. “Better than my $150 pair of shoes, no kidding...health-care providers, these are worth trying. They are like walking on bubble-bouncing cushions. I’m buying a couple of other colors.”

Another chimed in: “I am a nurse so I walk and stand a lot. Feel like I am walking on an air cushion. Well-made — was worried about that since the price seemed low but holding up well. Love the higher heel, too. I am going to buy other colors. Fabric breathes. Nothing I don't like about them, and I have received many compliments from coworkers.”

Person wearing purple sneakers, kicking feet up
So cute that, like this happy customer, you won't want them to touch the ground, but that would really be de-feeting the purpose, wouldn't it? (Photo: Amazon)

Teachers can’t get enough

It’s not just nurses. Educators love these shoes too!

“I am a teacher and have taught for 25 years which takes a toll on your feet!” one noted. “These shoes are great. They're one of the first in a very long time where my feet are not in pain by the end of the day! I am so glad to have found this shoe. I have ordered three pairs in different colors so far.”

“I am a teacher and spend all day on my feet,” another wrote. “I can't tell you how much money I've spent over the years trying to find shoes that will keep up with my hectic lifestyle. Well, THESE ARE IT! These shoes are magical. No longer do I run into my house at the end of the day just to kick my shoes off. Sometimes I forget I have them on. They have walked through many, many airports and conventions with me. These are great. I've turned on so many of my teacher friends to these. They are washable and look great. Awesome colors and the price is right.”

Black and gray sneakers with a picture frame
The closest you can get to wearing socks...while still wearing shoes. (Photo: Amazon)

Great for everyday

Even if your job doesn’t require you to be on your feet all day, these sneakers are so comfortable, you’ll never want to take them off.

One shopper with a “bad back, leg and foot” wrote: “These shoes were suggested by a friend and she was right — they are wonderful! The elevated heel not only eases the pressure on an arch-free foot but it eases some of the pressure from my back. It adds about two inches and shifts my weight. I will definitely be getting these in the future. Best I've had since my back injury! As a plus, it is a good-looking shoe! I will be buying more colors. Affordable, comfortable, attractive — can't beat that combination!”

Another noted: “I originally purchased these shoes to wear to and from the train station, but they are so cute and comfortable, I've been wearing them the entire day! I have received soooooo many compliments.... Super cute!!”

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