Priceless Video Shows the True Reality of Being a Cat Owner

Nope, it's not all biscuit making and purrs!

Cat owners love our cats. We are always quick to say how much they're enriched our lives, how precious they are, how we couldn't imagine life without them! And this is all true! However, let's be honest here, sometimes our cats can be totally obnoxious demon spawns and almost every cat you've ever met has some sort of quirk that makes them slightly less than perfect. True facts! 

That why we love this hilarious video that TikTok user @ChiptheManx posted that shows a slightly less-perfect-side of cat ownership. We so feel this!

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LOL! Even the most perfect cats have less-than-perfect behavior on occasion! @MadisonGailbraith sums this all up perfectly, posting, "My girls saved my life multiple times. They've also tried to end it just as often, but we don't have to talk about that..." @Amaya adds, "This is the appeal of cats though. There's never a dull moment. I can't lay in bed for 4 days in a deep depression, my kitten would absolutely burn this house to the ground in an hour! They're helping but in their own way." @Emilytheit posts, "Mr Boi would NEVER do anything bad. And if he does, it’s probably for a good reason. He’s my baby." 

Awwww, it's true. We would all die for these adorable little monsters, no matter how many times they attack us or give us too-hard love bites or eat all of the furniture. Cats really are the best. 

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