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'Best frying pans I've ever owned!' Amazon's top-rated nonstick cookware is up to 45% off for Presidents' Day

Non-stick cookware that distributes heat easily? That's T-fal's claim to fame. (Photo: Amazon)
Non-stick cookware that distributes heat easily? That's T-Fal's claim to fame. (Photo: Amazon)

If your nonstick cookware is looking a little worn, it may be time for a refresh. As much as we'd love our pots and pans to last forever, nonstick cookware is one of those things that need to be replaced regularly. Lucky for us, Amazon has slashed the prices on massively popular T-Fal Nonstick cookware and kitchenware at its Presidents Day sale — today only, you can save up to 45%! Let's take a look at some of those deals, shall we?

This 14-piece set includes three frying pans, three saucepans, a Dutch oven and a steamer. Bonus: You can put them all in the dishwasher.
$126 at Amazon

Everything that T-Fal is beloved for — its scratch- and corrosion-resistant non-toxic coating, its ability to distribute heat evenly, its non-slip silicone handles, its dishwasher-safe convenience, its durability and resilience — is perfectly encapsulated by this every-tasking 14-piece set. No wonder it's garnered over 19,000 rave reviews.

“We have been using the same pots and pans for years — it was bad,” wrote a happy shopper. “I love this set so much. I absolutely love the little pan; it makes the perfect fried egg so we can do McGriddles at home. I've cook way more since I got these pots. Super easy to clean, unlike my last dishes.”

This compact 1,700-watt deep fryer comes with a drop-in basket and features a filtration system that automatically drains and refreshes your oil for re-use.
$91 at Amazon

If you've figured out that air fryers don't actually fry anything, perhaps this real deal from T-Fal is what you're looking for. It can handle a little over two pounds of french fries, chicken or empanadas at time — and let me tell you, it makes eggplant parm SO much easier. What's even better? It has a filtration system so you can reuse the oil. Nearly 13,000 home cooks rave about this counter top fryer.

"This is the best deep fryer we've ever had. It's so simple to use, it's embarrassing," shared a chagrined chef. "It heats up quickly and holds it nicely. Basket capacity is excellent. But the best feature is its filtering system, allowing users to keep the oil cleaner longer. Somebody should have thought of it sooner."

This titanium trio includes 8-inch, 10.5-inch and 12.5-inch pans. They feature a thermo-spot heat indicator that tells you when your pan is preheated, and they're all dishwasher- and oven-safe.
$46 at Amazon

For a set of ultra-durable pans, you might want to go with this titanium set. Not only are they nonstick, dishwasher- and oven-safe, they also have an indicator in the center of each pan that shows you when heated and ready to begin cooking. And, yes, these'll work on your induction cooktop. Nearly 11,000 shoppers have given these pans a perfect five-star rating.

"Best frying pans I've ever owned!" raved a methodical maven. "These pans heat up quickly, heat evenly, so cook evenly. Nice browning. I do not use high heat, and think that's the key. High heat isn't needed because of the way they hold heat so evenly. I do use silicone, wood, or nylon utensils, not wanting to chance any damage. They cool down quickly when removed from the heat. Cleanup is a breeze.

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