Joe Biden's Granddaughter Is Getting Married At The White House This Weekend

Joe Biden's Granddaughter Is Getting Married At The White House This Weekend

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Being the leader of the free world is a busy gig. But President Joe Biden has made it very clear that he always has time for his family. While Biden's four children are in the public eye a fair amount, Joe also has seven grandchildren ranging in age from toddlers to 28-year-old Naomi. But they aren't really in the spotlight as much.

That may change a bit this weekend, though, as Biden's eldest grandchild, Hunter Biden's daughter Naomi, ties the knot with her fiancé Peter Neal on the South Lawn of the White House. The nuptials mark the first White House wedding since 2008.

Joe previously revealed on Twitter that he has a strict rule with his phone: No matter what's going on in his life, he'll always take a call from his grandkids. Case in point: A video he shared where he's chatting with one of his grandkids and asking if they got a picture of his dogs.

“They said they miss you,” he said, before adding, “I miss you too, angel.” Aww.

An insider told CNN that the President checks up on his grandkids several times a week—and they've made it clear that there's a mutual lovefest going on with the man they call “Pop."

“Anyone who wants to get to @JoeBiden will have to get past us first,” his oldest granddaughter Naomi Biden tweeted of herself, her sisters, and cousins, in October 2020.

Beyond that, she sweetly posted a snap of her grandfather wearing a tan hat on the way to Camp David that had “Pop” written on the back, “just to make sure the job title doesn’t get to his head,” she jokingly wrote in the caption.

But who exactly are Joe Biden's grandchildren? Here's a rundown of the whole crew.

Naomi Biden

Naomi, 28, may be the most prominent of Biden’s seven grandkids. She's named after her late aunt and is Hunter’s oldest child. Naomi works as an associate at Arnold & Porter in Washington, D.C., The Washingtonian reported. She graduated from Columbia Law School in 2020 and has her undergraduate degree in international relations from the University of Pennsylvania. Naomi joined her grandfather on multiple trips while he was VP.

And on Saturday, Naomi will be marking a huge occasion at her grandfather's home: Her marriage to fiancé Peter Neal is set to take place on the South Lawn. She will become one of just 18 other couples to get married at the historic location, per NPR.

"Peter and I are endlessly grateful to my Nana and Pop for the opportunity to celebrate our wedding at the White House," she wrote on Twitter. "We can't wait to make our commitment to one another official and for what lies ahead."

Fun fact about the soon-to-be-newlyweds: Naomi and Peter Neal created, an online tool to help people check CARES Act benefits eligibility. “It was a very intimidating prospect to figure out how to create a website, and how to do the quiz and code the calculator,” Naomi told MTV News.

Naomi's Twitter is full of sweet mentions of her grandfather. She wrote: “I am proud to be your granddaughter every single day @JoeBiden. But tonight, I am just as proud to be an American.”

After Biden accepted the Democratic nomination for president, Naomi tweeted that she and her cousins gave their grandfather some ice cream. “Pop, tonight you eat from the box,” they wrote in a cute handwritten note.

In honor of Presidents’ Day, President Biden’s grandchildren presented him with a leather jacket embroidered with “Air Force One” and a tan baseball cap with the presidential seal in navy blue. “POP” is embroidered on the back, so he never forgets his grandkids wherever he goes.

“We bought him some swag since it’s Presidents’ Day weekend and he’s 'literally' President,” Naomi tweeted.

Finnegan Biden

Finnegan, 22, is Naomi's younger sister, and she'll certainly be in attendance at the wedding on Saturday. Finnegan was named after Joe Biden’s mother, Catherine Eugenia "Jean" Finnegan Biden, according to USA Today. Finnegan was also on the campaign trail, and even appeared in a campaign video for her grandfather, alongside Naomi and several other cousins.

She keeps a fairly low profile and attended the University of Pennsylvania. She was active in school politics in high school and in college. In the spring of 2020, Finnegan successfully petitioned Penn's administration to extend pass/fail grading options, per The Daily Pennsylvanian.

Maisy Biden

Maisy, 21, is the youngest of Hunter and Kathleen’s children. Fun fact about Maisy: She’s tight with Sasha Obama, according to the Chicago Tribune. The friends went to the same school and even played basketball together with former President Barack Obama (!!) as their coach. Her grandfather told The Hill in one interview that the two are "best friends." Biden also rarely missed her games, per Today.

Maisy also goes to UPenn, and she posts a lot of irreverent TikToks.

Maisy and the other granddaughters encouraged Biden to enter the presidential race. "We just knew he had to run, and we weren't going to take no for an answer," they told Good Morning America.

Natalie Biden

Natalie, 18, is the teenage daughter of the late Beau Biden and his wife, Hallie. She appeared in a video for the 2020 Democratic National Convention and had this to say about her grandma, Jill: "She’s not your average grandmother. She's a prankster, she's very mischievous."

Natalie also voted for the first time alongside her grandfather during the midterms, per Insider.

Robert Hunter II

Robert, 16, is Natalie's younger brother, and he hasn’t been in the public eye as much as his older cousins. But he did join them in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at the 2020 Democratic National Convention:

Navy Joan Roberts

Hunter has another child (whose identity had been kept anonymous until the Daily Mail revealed it in November 2020) with a woman in Arkansas, Lunden Alexis Roberts. The child was born in August 2018. The paternity of that child was the subject of a now-resolved 2018 court case determining Hunter was the father, according to the Texarkana Gazette.

Beau Biden

Hunter welcomed another baby on March 28, 2020, with his new wife, Melissa Cohen. The baby is a "beautiful and healthy baby boy," according to Page Six. The youngest Biden was named after Hunter's late brother and his name was confirmed on Inauguration Day 2021, per People.

He's also got some pretty doting older sisters, as Naomi and Maisy have called their half-brother the "love of my life," per Insider.

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