Presenting: the Perfect Beauty Trend for You (According to, What Else, Astrology)

Photo credit: Getty | Katie Buckleitner
Photo credit: Getty | Katie Buckleitner

From Cosmopolitan

Listen, astrology is already your life coach, financial advisor, relationship therapist—the fact that it’s not already your MUA is actually shocking, TBH. So that’s why we’ve matched up every zodiac sign to the beauty trend you’re *literally* born to love/obsesses over/be a natural pro at/all the things.

Please note: true beauty comes from the inside, no matter what Leo says. Now peep your sign’s meant-to-be trend below!


Finding the perfect distraction from the ram’s big horny heads thorny egos (JK, relax), is a life goal for Aries. Basically, just try contouring. Watch a bunch of YouTube tutorials and cut ‘em with your cheekbones!


It’s a fact: every Taurus is legit obsessed with makeup. Admit it, you will spend hours looking for the perfect long-lasting lipstick at Sephora to smooch your boo with. Pick up a rosy, blushy lip stain that goes with everything, so you can spend hours locking your horns, er, lips.


Geminis love adding pops of unexpected color to their look, sooo—duh, neon! A neon mascara will help even the most demure twin stand out. Fully embrace your double-trouble vibes by swiping on two different shades at a time on each set of eyelashes. Bonus points if you get mistaken for an extra from Euphoria.


Crabbies love to soak up the sun and sizzle to a crisp by the sea—which, um, is a very bad idea. You don’t need me to tell you that a sunscreen with lots of SPF is a non-negotiable. But…have you tried hair sunscreen?!? No, well, you should to glow up your look without frying up your scalp.


Okay, kitty cat, we know you’re thirsty for attention—it’s not your fault, blame the stars—and what catches more eyes that glitter. Slather on some sparkly body shimmer, STAT! It’ll add drama (the good kind) to your look.


Just because you love a natural look doesn’t mean you’re basic, ya know? Your mind is already working overtime—who has time to stare at the nail salon wall of a million other nail polish color choices. Embrace your minimalist vibe—and need for precision and perfection—by adding cute little nail stickers to your nude mani.


Libras are artistic, decadent, a connoisseur of the finer things in life. However, y’all don’t like mainstream products, which is why you’ll flip at the chance to make your own bespoke signature scent. Yeah, that’s a thing now. In true fashion, you’ll wear your heart on your wrist, one spritz at a time. Or, you know, layer your fave scents to make you own. *wiggles eyebrows*


People say just one glare from a Scorpio can sink ships—what? I’m sure someone has said before—and they are right! And your smoldering looks and intense emotions, can only mean one thing: a smokey eye. It’ll take your ~sensual~ vibe to the next level and beyond with unexpected shades like rose gold. (Life preserver not included).


Sagittarius are known to take risks with their life choices and their makeup, so toss the traditional eyeliner away for, what else, a sparkly one to get that shimmery glow on. Pair with an outrageously bright lip, rinse, repeat.


All those long hours at the office will leave you thirsting for some much needed TLC. Your self-care = face masks. They’ll boost your mood in literal minutes and replenish your skin…while you do work in front of the computer.


You’re not afraid to experiment when it comes to your look—and that includes your hair. Bold, semi-permanent color is a supes fun way to change up your hair as much as you do your style. Oh, and a non-toxic, non-permanent dye is perf for playing with wild colors, too.


Pisces are in their element when their skin is glistening under the sun kissed waves (duh, your symbol is the fish!). But since you’re not a mermaid, glowing up your look with dewy skin.

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