Presenting: The 50 All-Time Best Cat Names That Aren't Olivia Benson

Presenting: The 50 All-Time Best Cat Names That Aren't Olivia Benson

Some advice: don't f*ck up picking out a name for your pet cat. That Big Pussy(cat) Energy = some seriously complicated, finicky, full-blown princess vibes. The stakes are high here, people! Have you ever been scratched by a pissed off furbaby? Then you know.

There are a few standard categories of cat names. First, you’ve got your human names: stately and professorial, these are ideal for a dignified tabby cat. Then you’ve got your food names, usually sweet-sounding novelties, usually not in English (snacks are universal, mmkay?). Next, there’s your nature-inspired and celestial-sounding names—thinks flowers or mythic characters—these are best for slinky, shadowy kitty cats who you swear just winked at you. There’s also the named-after-other-animals camp, in which it suddenly becomes acceptable to name a cat after a different species (i.e., “Puppy.” Excuse me, but no). The fifth and final category is simple: Simba. Related: Nala.

Anyway, we made this definitive list of the best cat names, ranking the internet’s 50 most popular, creative, and cutest, because we don't want your cat to hate you. You're welcome.

Whether you’re looking for a classic, majestic cat name, a playful moniker, or an indulgent, performative honorific, this list will give you all the inspo you need. And once you’ve picked out the purrfect cat name, it’s time to pick out a totally over-the-top, completely necessary (bedazzled) cat collar. You know what they say: you can’t love others until you love your cat.

Oh, and Mister Mistoffelees is not on this list, how dare you even ask. Okay, here goes:

  1. Simba

  2. Oliver

  3. Milo

  4. Luna

  5. Simon

  6. Loki

  7. George

  8. Bear

  9. Bella

  10. Zeus

  11. Nala

  12. Finn

  13. Cleo (for the queens among us, Cleopatra also works)

  14. Ollie

  15. Oscar

  16. Momo

  17. Ziggy

  18. Penny

  19. Thor

  20. Baby

  21. Prince

  22. Zeke

  23. Sebastian

  24. Angel

  25. Princess

  26. Velvet

  27. Maisy

  28. Felix

  29. Tiger

  30. Tango

  31. Smokey

  32. Boo

  33. Gizmo

  34. Cupcake

  35. Fiona

  36. Lulu

  37. Ranger

  38. Queenie

  39. Max

  40. Bunny

  41. Louie

  42. Sophie

  43. Zelda

  44. Otis

  45. Mochi

  46. Linus

  47. Coco

  48. Midnight

  49. Moon

  50. Kitty

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