Pregnant woman accidentally records golden retriever’s desperate health warnings

A golden retriever’s urgent warnings to his pregnant human were captured on film, and now, the emotional footage is going viral across TikTok.

Mom and TikToker Brittany Welsh (@mamabwelsh) gained over 1.2 million views when she uploaded the stunning moment her dog, Charlie, detected something was amiss with her pregnancy.

While we’ve seen dogs’ incredible observation skills and emotional intelligence go viral in the past — like these concerned dogs who rushed to their mom’s side the minute she broke down — Charlie’s medical intervention suggests that dogs know far more than we give them credit for.

“That one time I was 8 months pregnant and my dog was trying to tell me something was wrong and I didn’t realize it,” Brittany’s video begins.

We then see Charlie excitedly licking his human mom’s face, sniffing her belly and wedging himself under her arms.

Charlie then sits tensely before Brittany, panting and displaying whale eyes — a dog communication in which they display the whites of their eyes, often indicating they are anxious or stressed.

After sniffing intently at Brittany’s belly, Charlie paws at her foot and calf until finally nudging his way under her leg, elevating it. When Brittany puts her foot back flat on the floor, the pup repeats the motion, wedging himself under her leg to prop it back up again.

Spurred by Charlie’s unusual behavior, Brittany made an urgent doctor’s appointment — where it was discovered that her dog’s medical instincts were right on the money.

‘Dogs are amazing’

Nearly 1,000 TikTokers came to the comment section to applaud Charlie’s incredible instincts — and to share their own dogs’ amazing powers of observation.

“My dog knew both times I was going into labor before I did. Dogs are amazing!” one user wrote.

“My dogs are the reason I took a pregnancy test! They were acting how they did when I was pregnant with my first,” another user shared.

“My dog literally knew I was pregnant weeks b4 I did. he started sleeping all night next to my belly and did it for 9 months. he never did that b4,” wrote another user.

“My dog laid under me all day and when I tried to move she growled at me. So I went to go get checked out I was 5cm dilated in active labor,” commented one user.

“My dog did this!! Turns out she had the cord around her neck and my BP was sky high but I couldn’t tell (I have POTS),” shared another user.

“I was working at a dog daycare, and a couple of the dogs were going crazy at my belly just like him. turned out I was pregnant and didn’t know,” commented another.

While we may never fully understand how dogs know what they seem to know, it’s clear our canine counterparts watch over us as closely and lovingly as we do them.

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