Pregnant moms who cracked us up in 2022

It’s no secret that pregnancy is fodder for comedy, and who better to demonstrate this than pregnant moms themselves? 2022 gave birth to a new generation of TikTok videos featuring funny moms-to-be who are experts at finding humor in the constant physical and emotional changes accompanying pregnancy. From a pregnant mom who cried because she desperately craved Pizza Hut breadsticks, to another mom-to-be who gifted her partner a vasectomy for Father’s Day, here are four pregnant moms on TikTok who made us laugh in 2022.

1. Very pregnant’ wife gives husband hilarious gift for Father’s Day: ‘Your girl ain’t playin’

At 8 months pregnant with her second child, this mom had had enough. So for Father’s Day, she decided to surprise her husband with the gift of a vasectomy appointment. After she handed him a card that said, “Your pullout game is weak,” with the document confirming his vasectomy appointment tucked inside, her husband burst out laughing but wasn’t surprised since they had been discussing this.

2. Pizza Hut breadsticks bring pregnant mom to tears in hilariously emotional TikTok: ‘Stop it, it’s not funny!’

Food and pregnancy hormones make a reactive pair, as shown in this video of a mom-to-be sobbing on her couch after the thought of breadsticks brought her to tears and snowballed into a deep yearning for breadsticks from Pizza Hut. While trying to make her feel better, her husband couldn’t help but release a few snorts of laughter from behind the camera.

3. Mom-to-be bursts into tears when husband brings home baked beans from gas station: ‘Pregnancy emotions hit so differently’

Some pregnant moms cry over wanting a specific food, while others break down into tears because a particular food repels them. This very pregnant mom took to TikTok and wept while explaining that she woke up sick because she was so hungry, so she asked her husband to pick her up some breakfast. When he found no breakfast food at the gas station, he called her to see if baked beans worked. Thinking her husband was referring to cocktail weenies, the mom-to-be said yes, only to discover, much to her dismay, that her husband brought back baked beans, causing her to dissolve into tears.

4. Very pregnant mom shares what it’s like getting ready for date night: ‘I give up’

You’d think this pregnant mom was getting ready for a swim meet, judging by the song “Eye of the Tiger” playing over a shot of her shaving her entire body, bump and all, in the shower. However, the mom-to-be appears to take date night prepping just as seriously, which is understandable considering she and her husband don’t have much more time to wait before their little bundle of joy arrives.

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