Precious Chocolate Lab Won't Let His Mom Wash His Toys

Ollie is such a silly boy!

Dog owners and parents of human kiddos definitely share some similar experiences, including difficult laundry days. What can we say--having your toys washed is so stressful! Anything could happen in that washing machine, and kids at heart like Ollie the chocolate Lab just aren't willing to risk it.

The precious boy was not having it when his mum decided to gather his toys for laundry day, but the result is just too funny. We're so glad the video is on his TikTok account @good.boy.ollie for all to see! 

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What a silly guy he is! We totally get the struggle, though--no one wants to be without their favorite toys, even for an hour. Still, they've got to be washed sometime! 

"They aren’t the same after they been washed," agreed @becausefast. Exactly! Washing away the stink means washing away the memories, too. Not happening, mom! 

We're glad they agreed on a select few to clean before they got too filthy. Some of his toys are just downright adorable! @Quizabellex especially loved "the chicken tho," but we think that one's a crowd favorite. Just look at its silly lil' face! Even if Ollie barely plays with it, it's too cute not to take care of. 

"HIS FACE WHEN YOU TALK TO HIM AAAH," gushed @luv.cri0. It's just the sweetest thing! Ollie looks like he's listening so closely to his momma's words, and we can't get enough. Clearly--neither can the rest of TikTok!

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