Precious California Dog Recovering From Meth Overdose Available for Adoption

On April 2, Fresno County Animal Services in Fresno County, California responded to a call regarding four dogs and six cats that were abandoned at a vacant property.

One of the dogs that Animal Control Officer Jessie Alcorn found one of the dogs violently shaking and huddled in the back of a doghouse.

ABC 30 reports, "At first, Alcorn thought Rockhound may be cold from a recent hail storm, but quickly realized his condition was far more severe than a deep chill so she called her partner, Officer Breana Begin, for help.

"The other dogs in the property were shivering because it was cold outside, but they weren't as severe as him," said Begin.

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"So we sprung into action. I took him with me, she took the other animals and then I kind of just rushed him to the vet to get him looked at."Tests showed Rockhound had eaten meth he had likely found on the property in search of food. He had to be put on IV fluids and sedated as his body healed from the dangerous drug.

Sweet Rockhound is fully recovered and is looking for a forever home. He is said to be very friendly with other dogs and would do well in a high energy family.

What To Do If You Suspect a Cruelty Case

If you witness direct physical violence to an animal, report the incident immediately to authorities. In certain situations, it can be extremely dangerous to approach someone abusing an animal. If they are dangerous enough to hurt an animals, they probably have no issues doing the same to a human.

If you suspect animal hoarding, or if a neighbor has recently moved and abandoned their pets, contact authorities immediately. Animals left abandoned, like in the case above, have no way of providing food, water or veterinary care for themselves.

Before you contact your local Humane Society, animal control agency, or the police, try and write down any specific details or observations related to the suspected animal cruelty, including the address of where it was taking place, what time of the day it was, and description of what you say. Whip out your cell phone and take photos and videos of the situation if you feel it is safe to do so.

If you'd like to adopt Rockhound, or make a donation, visit the website for Fresno Humane Animal Services here.

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