Precious Adoptable Cat Can't Resist Hugging Everyone Who Opens His Cage

Never have we wanted to adopt a cat more!

Ask anyone who has found their forever friend at their local animal shelter and they can tell you, there's just something about shelter cats which make them the very best pets ever. It's like they realize they need a home and they are just so grateful for any human interaction while they are waiting to find their person.

TikTok account holder @GreenhillHumaneSociety is all too familiar with this cat behavior, and the gorgeous black and white Tuxedo cat they share in the clip below is just the sweetest baby ever. The person who adopts Bingo is going to be so lucky!


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The video description states, "We have a sign on Bingo’s door to be prepared for a hug! Our team has been taking turns all morning holding this affectionate 9-year-old kitty. We aren’t complaining!"

We think if we worked or volunteered at this Humane Society that's all we would do all day, hug Bingo the cat. @Sabrina, who also had a Bingo, comments, "s someone who adopted a 9 year old Bingo from a shelter and got an amazing three years with the best cat, someone adopt this guy." @SybilWournous replies, "The head bump. This baby needs a home right MEOW. What a love bug." @Toriswift adds what we are all thinking, with "I'll be there in one day and eight hours Bingo!"

We love this guy and wish we could adopt all the cats. We are positive Bingo will find his forever home any moment now, but if you are interested in him, or another adoptable cat, you can contact the GreenHill Humane Society here.

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