Prairie Dog Who's Excited to See His Mom Can't Stop Yelling 'Yahoo'

Every pet owner cherishes the joy of being welcomed by their fur babies. The sight of a wagging tail or the soothing purr of a contented cat fills our hearts with warmth and love. It's truly heartwarming to witness the genuine happiness our pets express when they greet us, reinforcing the special bond we share with them.

Well, get ready to get jealous over TikTok user @leo_and_oliver_thepdogs precious prairie dog who has the cutest and funniest way of saying hi to his mom.

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Little did we know that when prairie dogs express excitement or joy they emit a hilarious "yahoo" call. This newfound knowledge has instantly elevated them to the top of our most-wanted pets list. We are now checking to see if it's even legal to own a prairie dog where we live. This little guy is just too cute!

Yes, we realize prairie dogs are not the easiest pets to care for. If they aren't properly socialized they can become aggressive, they need a lot of room to burrow, and they can become nippy by nature. They are also very social creatures and do better if they live with other prairie dogs, where they form groups called towns (Yes, this is also an amazingly cute fact about these guys!) They are just too adorable, even if a bit difficult to care for.

As much as we badly want our own pet to yell YAHOO when they see us, maybe we'd be better off if we could just train our dogs to do so. Sure, it's a different kind of dog but we will take our yahoos where we can get them.

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