Practice Safe Sun Salutations With A Yoga Mat Towel That Prevents Slipping And Sliding

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Yoga is one of the best ways to keep your body moving, find release from stress and anxiety, and connect with your mental, physical, and emotional awareness. Yoga studios and classes are readily available just about anywhere and YouTube series and apps have helped to reduce the financial barriers to entry. Not much by way of equipment is necessary to practice yoga. A yoga mat, blocks, a bolster, and proper attire can all help aspiring yogis find their flow. Another important item that not only helps yogis with their form but is also a safety device is a yoga mat towel.

A yoga mat towel is typically the same size as a yoga mat, although hand towel sizes are also available. The towels help to absorb excess sweat and prevent hands and feet from slipping when holding poses. Some towels use silicone grips to remain in place during a flow, while others have pockets on each corner that fit around the edge of mats. Many towels benefit from a light spritz of water at the start of a yoga session to help encourage grip.

Not only are yoga towels a great way to add stability to a slippery sweat session, if you typically use a communal mat, they also provide a more hygienic alternative.

Whether you practice hot yoga on a daily basis or are simply looking to introduce more focused stretching into your workouts, a yoga mat towel adds a crucial safety element thanks to its anti-slip proponents. Check out our top picks for the best yoga mat towels below and enjoy the flow.

1. Gaiam Stay-Put Yoga Towel in Purple


The Gaiam Stay-Put Yoga Towel in Purple does exactly what its name says — it stays put, which means no slipping and sliding in downward dog. A great option for hot yoga enthusiasts, the mat-sized towel works hard at absorbing sweat twice as fast as regular cotton while you work hard on your flow. Made from hypoallergenic microfiber that won’t aggravate your skin, the yoga mat towel has four corner pockets that help to keep it in place.

Gaiam Stay Put Yoga Towel in Purple
Gaiam Stay Put Yoga Towel in Purple

Buy: Gaiam Stay Put Yoga Towel in Purple $14.59

2. Yoga Mat Towel by All in Motion


The Yoga Mat Towel by All in Motion is not only an affordable towel that helps to wick sweat, which keeps you and your mat dry, but it’s also really great at staying in place. The bottom of the mat features a high-tack grip, which creates a non-slip surface. Think of the little rubber grips on the bottom of socks and slippers — that’s what is keeping the All in Motion towel in place. The blue mat has more of a subdued grey finish, which some yogis will appreciate for a more calming overall mat appearance.

Yoga Mat Towel by All in Motion
Yoga Mat Towel by All in Motion

Buy: Yoga Mat Towel by All in Motion $19.99

3. Manduka Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel


If hot yoga is your jam, then a yoga mat towel is a must. Manduka has been a leader in yoga mats and towels for years and for good reason. The company makes high-quality mats and towels that last and help to keep yogis firmly in place. Even the company’s best mats can still use some help during hot yoga sessions because for real, that’s a lot of sweat. The Yogitoes mat comes in several stunning designs and stays in place thanks to its silicone nubs that grip everything from the top of a yoga mat to carpet and other types of flooring. Not only does the 68 by 24-inch mat provide much-needed stability during sweat sessions, but yogis will also feel good knowing their Yogitoes was made with 50 percent recycled polyester or eight recycled plastic water bottles, which is easier to visualize.

Manduka Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel
Manduka Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel

Buy: Manduka Yogitoes Yoga Mat Towel $60.00

4. The (Small) Towel by Lululemon


A full-sized towel may not always be the best option for your practice. Maybe you prefer using the mats at your gym or studio and simply want a smaller towel to place under your head for hygienic reasons. Or you could prefer a towel that only covers the spot where you frequently slip, like your feet or hands. For a towel that stays put and takes up minimal room in your yoga bag, the Small Towel by Lululemon is a great option. Spin class and hot yoga enthusiasts also love it for their handlebars and for drying off after a sweaty workout session.

The (Small) Towel by Lululemon
The (Small) Towel by Lululemon

Buy: The (Small) Towel by Lululemon $22.00

5. Yoga Design Lab Quartz Yoga Mat Towel Combo


Are you someone who perpetually forgets their yoga towel? Then you need the Yoga Design Lab Quartz Yoga Mat Towel Combo. The Yoga Design Lab mat measures 70 by 24 inches and is 3.5 mm thick. Made from 100 percent natural tree rubber, the mat boasts extra cushioning, stability, and a towel top that helps keep users in place during their flow. When the mat and towel need a deep clean, the entire unit can be machine washed.

Yoga Design Lab Quartz Yoga Mat Towel Combo
Yoga Design Lab Quartz Yoga Mat Towel Combo

Buy: Yoga Design Lab Quartz Yoga Mat Towel Combo $78.00

6. Yoga Mate Soft, Sweat Absorbent, Non-Slip Bikram Yoga Mat Towel


For a yoga mat towel that can go beyond your practice, we like the non-slip towel from Yoga Mate. The microfiber towel measures 72 by 26 inches, making it ideal for standard and oversized mats. The lightweight mat dries quickly and stays in place throughout a user’s flow. A great towel to use when traveling or on the go, the Yoga Mate also works as an absorbent beach towel.

Yoga Mate Soft, Sweat Absorbent, Non-Slip Bikram Yoga Mat Towel
Yoga Mate Soft, Sweat Absorbent, Non-Slip Bikram Yoga Mat Towel

7. Nomadix National Parks All-Purpose Towel


Like the Yoga Mate, the Nomadix towel is also a great all-purpose option that can go with users from the yoga studio to the beach or on their next outdoor adventure. Made from post-consumer recycled plastic, the sand-resistant towel is slip-resistant, making it appropriate for use with a yoga mat. The quick-drying, absorbent towel wicks up sweat and water, taking yogis from the studio to the shower. Available in several stunning designs, including the National Parks collection, the lightweight Nomadix towel has an antimicrobial treatment that helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria that can cause odors. For those who use an oversized mat or want their towel to tuck under their mat, the Nomadix is a generous 72 by 30 inches.

Nomadix National Parks All-Purpose Towel
Nomadix National Parks All-Purpose Towel

Buy: Nomadix National Parks All-Purpose Towel $39.95

8. Shandali Hot Yoga Towel


If flat microfiber material irritates your skin, we recommend trying the Shandali Hot Yoga Towel. The microfiber towel features a soft waffle finish that is gentle on the skin and helps keep yogis from slipping and sliding during sun salutations. The bottom of the towel has been fused with silicone dots to keep it in place, which also helps users know which side of the towel should be facing down. Available in several solid colors, the Shandali is ideal for hot yoga or any yogis who need help to get a grip.

Shandali Hot Yoga Towel
Shandali Hot Yoga Towel

Buy: Shandali Hot Yoga Towel $19.99

9. IUGA Yoga Towel Set


During flows when you want full coverage, the IUGA Yoga Towel provides ample coverage and an impressive amount of stability thanks to its no-slip design. Like the Gaiam towel, the IUGA has pockets on each corner that fit over the end of a yoga mat to keep the towel in place. The IUGA is 30 percent thicker than most yoga towels, providing extra support and cushioning for yogis with joint issues. If you’re only looking for minimal coverage some days or want an extra towel for wiping sweat, the set includes a hand towel made from the same absorbent and slip-resistant microfiber material. The set is finished with a spray bottle that makes it easy for users to wet their towel before applying it to their mat, which provides extra traction.

IUGA Yoga Towel Set
IUGA Yoga Towel Set

Buy: IUGA Yoga Towel Set $17.95

10. Cotton Yoga Rug by Bliss Peak


So, you want to practice yoga but your mat gets too slippery and microfiber towels don’t agree with your skin? Behind door three is another option. The Cotton Yoga Rug by Bliss Peak is a non-traditional yoga mat that is made from 100 percent cotton. Handmade in India, the rug is a semi-hybrid between a mat and a towel. The rug can be placed on top of a traditional mat or used on its own. We also like that at 75 by 28 inches, the rug is larger than most oversized mats.

Cotton Yoga Rug by Bliss Peak
Cotton Yoga Rug by Bliss Peak

Buy: Cotton Yoga Rug by Bliss Peak $36.90

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