‘POV: your mom was a certified baddie’: TikToker discovers stunning photos of mom from the ’70s

Growing up, one TikToker says she kept hearing the same thing about her mom over and over again: She was the “It Girl” of her little hometown back in the ’70s.

So, she recently dug up some photos from her mom’s “golden era” to see if there was something to it — and there’s no denying that her mom was pretty fire.

“POV: your mom was a certified baddie,” wrote Loren Schaffer Rosko (@lorenrosko) in the video text of her TikTok.

Then, after showing a photo of her mom now, the video cycles through a series of images that show her mom in the ’70s looking like some kind of CoverGirl model.

“My mom was the IT GIRL and still is TBH,” Rosko captioned her post, which has more than 1.1 million views so far.


“She legitimately looked like a movie star WOW,” added someone else.

“Omg does she still have those clothes,” another person asked. “Love.”

Others couldn’t help but notice that some of the photos showed Rosko’s dad — and he was certainly a looker, too.

“You hit the genetic lottery with your parents,” one person said with a laugh.

“At least you know you’re going to age gracefully!!” another told her.

The video is somewhat reminiscent of another recent TikTok trend where users showed their parents now vs. how they looked in their “model days.” It was known as the “Material Girl” trend,and some of the transformations were truly mind-blowing.

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