Pouring Rain Doesn't Phase Lukas Schafer

Lukas Schafer

For many mountain bikers, winter rain is the end of the season. For some brave individuals, however, the wet does not stop the fun!

Watch Lukas Schäfer rip around in the slick, muddy winter conditions below.

Generally, it is good practice to defer to the trail organization on whether it is okay to ride in the wet. In some soil, tire tracks in moisture can be debilitating for the trails. In others, it is fine.

For this reason, only some riding venues are a go to ride in the rain. However, if the dirt is right and you are not afraid of a little moisture, getting out in the slop can be a very fun experience.

Your bike will slide around and add a fun challenge to the ride. Plus you can feel like a motocross rider with a foot out.

In many parts of the world, wet riding season is nigh. If you don't want to ride until May, it might be time to put the bike away. Otherwise, grab that raincoat and get out in the slop!

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