Chris Haynes on players adjusting to the NBA bubble

Yahoo Sports senior NBA insider Chris Haynes reports from the NBA bubble in Orlando — where all teams have arrived and are starting to get comfortable back on the court, despite dealing with the unknown off of it.

Video Transcript

CHRIS HAYNES: I've been here for about two weeks now. My experiences were different from the players, but you know, I think players are back in their comfort zone. As you can just see them on the court, they're giddy. It's kind of like opening practice of the season. This is like the feel of a new season.

You just see guys, like, energetic, and guys look good. You know, we're-- we're allowed to go in there and view the last 15 minutes of practice, and you really-- you really don't see much during that time. They're just doing shooting drills, or playing one on ones, and playing around, but you can just see guys are just energetic. And you could tell they're motivated and they're happy to be here, or happy to be there in that practice setting, I should say. So that-- that's been cool to see.

You know, that's-- that's their comfort zone, but once they step out of that practice setting, you know, then it's the unknown. You know, guys trying to figure out where to go, figure out what they're going to eat, figure out what type of entertainment can they have. You know, it is still a feeling out process for everybody. I think that if there's concern there is just concern with, you know, trying to stay sane if you're a team that's expected to go the distance in this restart. You know, going up to three months, that's where, it can-- you know, it can be problematic, and that's where players can, you know, deal with anxiety and depression, that's where that can set in.

But you know, there's a lot of players that's anxious. You know, they're not used to being restrained to these type of situations. So it's-- like, it's a learning. It's a learning process, learning. But I think the good thing about this situation is that everybody's here.

You kind of see players interacting with one another on different teams throughout. It has like a Summer League feel, you know, where you just see guys just walking through. And so, you know, it's-- that-- that part is cool, but you know, being confined to your room in just the primary campus that you reside on, you know, that's been tough for the majority of the players.

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