Post Malone praised as ‘kindest superstar ever’ after wishing fan a happy 21st birthday

Woman shares video of Post Malone wishing her 21 year old son a happy birthday  (TikTok / @ntschu)
Woman shares video of Post Malone wishing her 21 year old son a happy birthday (TikTok / @ntschu)
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Post Malone is being praised as “genuinely one of the nicest celebrities” after a mother captured him taking a moment to wish her son a happy 21st birthday.

In a video posted to TikTok this week by Nicole Schumacher, who goes by the username @ntschu, she shared the interaction between her son and the 26-year-old singer at restaurant Matuhisa in Los Angeles, California.

“Post Malone wishing my son Andrew a happy 21st birthday,” she wrote in a text caption on the video, which sees the rapper, whose real name is Austin Post, stopping by the table where the 21 year old was seated.

In the clip, Post Malone could be heard introducing himself as Austin, before telling Schumacher’s son it was nice to meet him. Schumacher could also be seen informing the singer that her son, who she said has autism, “knows all your songs” and is enjoying his first beer, prompting Post Malone to ask what kind of beer he chose before acknowledging that “that’s a tough choice”.

“Not for me,” the Circles singer jokingly added, before thanking the fan for listening to his music. “Dude, thank you for listening, man. That’s so sweet. Have fun, man. But not too much fun!”

As of Friday, the video, which was captioned: “Andrew’s 21st birthday in LA meeting the kindest superstar ever,” has been viewed more than 6.8m times.

In the comments, viewers have applauded Post Malone for taking the time to speak with the fan, with one person writing: “I love him. He is genuinely one of the nicest celebrities on the planet.”


@Post Malone Andrew’s 21st Birthday In LA meeting the kindest superstar ever! #postmalone #autismawareness #matsushisa

♬ original sound - Nicole Schumacher @ntschu

“This is so sweet, I love him,” another person commented, while someone else added: “God he’s so kind, I would never get over this interaction.”

Others expressed their happiness that the nine-time Grammy nominee introduced himself by his real name, which they claimed showed his “humility”.

“The fact that he introduces himself by his name as if we don’t already know his name shows humility,” one person commented, while someone else said: “I like the fact that he introduced himself as Austin rather than ‘Post Malone’. Shows some humility for sure. Props to him.”

Another person added: “Him introducing himself as Austin is just perfection.”

On Instagram, Schumacher also shared a photo of Post Malone and her son sharing a beer in celebration of his birthday. “Happy 21st birthday Andrew! First beer ever with @postmalone @love_andrew_autism_foundation,” she captioned the photo.