Posh Spice Totally Made Her Daughter Wear a School Uniform While Home Schooling

With schools closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, parents are being forced to homeschool their children—even celebrity parents, like Victoria Beckham. The mom of four is currently facing criticism for her own homeschooling tactics after a recent Instagram post showed her daughter Harper wearing her school uniform at home.


“Afternoon reading with Olive,” Victoria captioned the post on May 6, tagging it #HomeschoolDay. In the photo, eight-year-old Harper is wearing her purple and white plaid uniform dress while reading a book on the couch with the family’s cocker spaniel (Olive).

People immediately began criticizing Beckham for making Harper wear her school uniform despite not being at school. “How ridiculous,” one person wrote, while another ranted, “Does she really need to wear a uniform? Get over yourself.”

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But is Harper wearing her school uniform at home really all that different from adults getting dressed up for Zoom calls? Some of Beckham’s followers think not, chiming in to support the mom’s decision. “The children in my class wear their school uniform while at home too,” one commenter, who’s also a teacher, wrote. Other moms added that it helps maintain some sort of routine, commenting, “Our daughter wears her school uniform at ‘school’ every day. Trying to keep the structure,” and “All of [my kids] are too and it makes a huge difference to how they show up.”

Regardless of the mixed reactions, Beckham has always stressed the importance of her children’s education. In a past interview with Elle, the 46-year-old said, “I say to her, ‘Harper, it’s not who’s the prettiest girl in the class, it’s not even who is the smartest girl in the class, it’s who is the nicest and most hard-working girl in the class.’ I don’t like her to focus too much on her appearance.” Well-said, Mom.

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