A $12 product that campers say is a must-have during any outdoor adventure

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A tent is to protect you from the wind, sun, rain and outdoor pests like mosquitoes and other wildlife.
Don't go on your next camping trip without this critical item. (Source: iStock)

Water is essential when you’re out on a wilderness adventure. If you’ve ever gone camping off the beaten path, there’s a chance you’ve wondered what would happen if you run out of filtered water.

Now, access to clean and drinkable water can be in your pocket, making it a much less critical affair. With modern portable filters, even the murkiest standing water can become drinkable. If you have a camping trip this summer, this portable water filter is for you. Here’s a deal we found on Amazon for almost 40% off this highly-rated portable water filter.

Etekcity Water Filter Straw Survival Kit for Camping, Hiking

(Source: Amazon)
A water filter that can fit in your pocket. (Source: Amazon)

$11.99 $18.99 at Amazon

This portable water filter by Etekcity makes accessing clean water simple—basically it's a camper's dream. This filter removes 99.9999% of all waterborne bacteria. Unlike some portable water filters, this one comes with a pouch for storing, so you can bring your clean water along wherever you are.

This product is well-loved on Amazon, with over 900 5-star ratings. Reviewers love its ability to provide a clean source of water almost anywhere. Read what one reviewer said about the importance of drinkable water:

"A great value for such a critical hiking item. Clean water is number 1, next to food and shelter. A very versatile water filtration system that aids the user in his/her quest to stay hydrated."

Hydration Anywhere, Anytime, For Only $12

It’s hard to put a price on an item that could not only make camping excursions more convenient, but could also outright save lives. Fortunately, you can get this useful item for only $12 today. If you want to save money on this critical portable water filter, take advantage of this deal today.