Popular YouTuber Tries Out World's First Electric Snowboard

Popular YouTube snowboard influencer, Johnathan Buckhouse, has outdone himself with this video using the "worlds first" electric snowboard. Electricity and snowboarding seem to contradict each other by nature, but unsurprisingly with the rate of innovation and need for new and interesting products, an electric snowboard now exists.

My question here really is, what is the point? The turning radius on this device is definitely better than I expected. I would have thought it could only go straight, but the machine does turn pretty well. If the point is to snowboard on flat ground without any degree of steepness, then I guess it has been accomplished. It looks heavy, and I would bet you certainly can not do any tricks. Ya know, I just think we are doing okay with how snowboards are right now and I personally do not think they need to be changed or innovated very much, but thank you for the review anyway, Buckhouse. It is always entertaining.

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