Popular Washington Trail System Opens Up To E-bikes

In the last few years, as electric mountain bikes have surged in popularity, it has been a battle to legalize them.

On February 26th, 2024, Galbraith Mountain, one of the most popular networks in Washington, recently legalized e-bikes. Watch the local trail association’s etiquette video below.

Located in Bellingham, Washington, Galbraith is a popular destination for many riders. It has a wide array of trails as well as some big jump lines. Opening it to electric bikes will only make it more of a destination to ride.

Galbraith has been in limbo for a while about electric access given the different factors at play, namely different landowners and needs. Finally, Class 1 e-bikes were given the green light.

As you can see from this video, the WMBC is attempting to get out in front of any controversies. Fast bikes coexisting with slower bikes on singletrack trails can be a tough needle to thread. Many riders do not like the idea of sharing singletrack climbing trails with e-bikes. Hopefully, all riders can coexist on these trails.

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As with all things, the most important thing to do is be considerate of other recreators. With a little understanding, everyone can make the riding experience better.

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