This Popular Keyboard Cleaning Gel Will Eliminate Hidden Crumbs, Dust, and More

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This Popular Keyboard Cleaning Gel Will Eliminate Hidden Crumbs, Dust, and More

You can snag it for 34 percent off right now.

If you take a close look at your computer keyboard, you’ll probably find a plethora of crumbs, dust, and dirt hiding under the keys. Since those crevices seem too small for even a cotton swab to clean, tons of Amazon shoppers are reaching for this keyboard cleaning gel that tackles the dirtiest computers without leaving residue behind. The best part? The cleaner is on sale for 34 percent off right now, bringing the price down to just under $6.

ColorCoral’s Universal Cleaning Gel has racked up over 1,000 five-star reviews so far, with people raving about how effective it is for cleaning those hard-to-reach areas (some even say it makes cleaning more fun). “I had no idea how much tiny stuff was in my keyboard that I use every day until I used this,” one reviewer wrote. “It cleans without making a mess and does a great job with just one use.”

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The solid gel comes in a generously sized tub, so you can choose exactly how much to use each time. Simply knead the product into a ball and then slowly press it on your keyboard to remove all of the gunk hiding underneath. You can use the fresh lemon-scented gel over and over again until it becomes super dark in color (that’s how you know it’s time to replace it).

“This is a great all-around quick cleaning solution for your computer area,” wrote another shopper. “It works easily into the gaps of the keyboard so you don't have to take off all the keys to clean it (though you probably should still now and again), but is also great for getting dust off of mousepads and wrist rests.”

Even though it’s an Amazon’s Choice product for keyboard cleaners, tons of reviewers have also used it to clean plenty of other surfaces in their homes. “I've cleaned a lot of decorative pieces, the corners of my door frames and window frames where the wood meets the glass, artificial plants (think succulents), remotes, house phones, etc.,” one shopper wrote. “It's so nice to see that buildup of dust GONE.”

Since it’s much easier to buy this keyboard cleaner than it is to give up mid-day snacking over your computer, head over to Amazon to shop the product now while it’s still on sale.

To buy: $6 (was $9),