Popular Influencer Shares His Worst Crash Of 2023

Mark Matthews set out to ride every single day in 2023 and it wasn't easy, but he did achieve that goal. When you try and spend that much time on the bike, crashing comes with the territory. So much so that it isn't a matter of if you do but rather how frequently you do.

Take a look below at what Mark considers his worst crash of that whole ride every day experiment below.

More than anything, that challenge to ride every day for a year that he set for himself looked like an exercise in mental toughness. Imagine getting up the next morning after this crash and having to go dust yourself off and ride again.

I ride most days of the rideable months in the Mountain West and our season is very much not year-round. Even doing that, which pales in comparison to what Mark was doing, gets exhausting. I couldn't imagine not being able to take a day off, even if I didn't have a massive slam the day before.

Anyway, props to Mark for completing his challenge and not getting too banged up along the way.

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