This Popular Hostess Snack Is Being Recalled, FDA Says

Hostess is known for its delicious pastries (like the Twinkie), but another is the subject of a new recall because it could contain undeclared allergens. Some Hostess SnoBalls were inadvertently manufactured in the packaging for the Chocolate CupCakes, the recall notice posted on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) website says.

The Chocolate CupCake packaging does not list one of the ingredients in the SnoBalls, coconut, as an allergen, and if someone who is allergic or has a sensitivity to it eats the mislabeled pastry, they could have a severe reaction.

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The Hostess SnoBalls involved in the recall were manufactured as single-serving sizes on March 13, 2021. The company became aware of the issue and subsequently issued the recall. They have a "Best By Date" of May 27, 2021, and a UPC code of 888109010096. The treats were sold in convenience stores, dollar stores, and shipped to distributors across the country.

Hostess SnoBall recall
Hostess SnoBall recall

No illnesses or injuries have been reported, the notice says, but customers who have purchased the pastry are urged to not eat it and contact the place of purchase about a full refund. Only this batch was affected by the mislabeling.

Unfortunately, this isn't the only recall affecting big-name products that may be on your grocery list. This Major Pet Food Brand Has Just Been Recalled for Salmonella, and If You Bought This Ground Turkey, Throw It Out Now, FSIS Says.

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