Popular Comedians Prove Senior Pets Can Live 'Bolder, Not Older' in Sweet New Collaboration

Hills Pet Nutrition has partnered with TikTok's favorite senior citizens at the 'Retirement House' to show pet owners how their older dogs can 'Live Bolder, Not Older.'

The first ad shows a senior making a wish for their birthday, and their dog making his very own wishes for all the incredible things he wants to do in his senior years. It's just adorable!

People in the comments are loving this new campaign and one person said, "I wish I was a senior dog at the retirement house." Another added, "Not me buying Hills Pet food immediately."

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If we are all very lucky, all of our dogs will live to see their senior years and there are many ways to make sure they continue to thrive as they age.

How To Help Your Senior Dog Live Their Best Life

Keep your dog healthy and happy as they reach their golden years. <p>Shutterstock/Aleksey Boyko</p>
Keep your dog healthy and happy as they reach their golden years.

Shutterstock/Aleksey Boyko

We all want our dogs to live the longest and healthiest lives possible, and that starts with a visit to your veterinarian for information on how your dog is aging and to make sure they haven't developed any new health problems.

Your dog's nutrition needs change as they age, and you want to make sure you are feeding them a high quality food that will meet all of their nutrition requirements. Hill's Pet Nutrition has food specially formulated for older dogs, and you can even take a quiz to see which food is right for your beloved canine companion. Provide them with plenty of clean water and treats approved by your veterinarian.

Cognitive dysfunction in dogs usually starts to appear at around nine years of age. The AKC reports that one study found that 28% of dogs between 11 and 12 years of age have at least one sign of dog dementia, and that increased to 68% in dogs over 15 years of age.

As your dog ages, they need activities that will stimulate their minds as well as their bodies. To help their brain function you can try a puzzle feeder, a ruffle mat, or a new toy. Play a game of hide and seek with one of their favorite stuffed animals. Play music for them. Any of these items can provide sensory stimulation for your dog.

Even older dogs need exercise, but they may also have joint problems or shows signs of arthritis. Gentle walks,  short games of playing fetch, throwing a Frisbee, all of these activities can benefit your older dog. You can even see if they have water classes for your older dog in your area.

Make sure your dog has a soft place to sleep, and you may want to consider pet stairs for getting cozy with you on the sofa if they are starting to have mobility issues.

Make sure to enjoy every moment with your dog as they head into their golden years, and give them all the affection possible. Our dogs bring so much joy to our lives throughout the years. Let's return the favor by keeping them as happy and healthy as possible for as long as possible.

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