Popeyes’ Voodoo Tenders Are Scarily Sweet and Spicy

Popeyes has been in the headlines quite a bit this year, primarily for realizing that they could put the Louisiana-style chicken they serve between two buns and people would go absolutely nuts for it. But with sandwich sales seemingly suspended, Popeyes fans have been flailing about in search of their next chicken fixation.

Well, the wait is over: appearing just in time for Halloween, Popeyes has introduced what they’re calling their new Voodoo Tenders, a spooky combination of sweet and heat capable of satisfying even the scariest cravings. Adorned with chives and a spicy-sweet, chili flake-flecked Voodoo Sauce (that’s also available on the side), these things sure look bolder and brighter than the average unadorned piece of Popeyes chicken.

So far, there haven’t been many reports on what exactly this set of tendies inspired by an oft-misunderstood set of spiritual practices are like. But one YouTuber who got his Voodoo Sauce-stained hands rates them an 8.6 out of 10 on his scale, citing the presentation as well the sweetness and sizzle of the sauce.

This isn’t the first menu modification Popeyes has made in this brave, new, post-chicken sandwich world. Earlier, they announced the return of a fall favorite pumpkin cream cheese dessert, and they’ll even make your Thanksgiving turkey for you if you ask nicely ahead of time.

A far cry from the gaudiness of Popeyes’ former foray into 24-karat champagne wings, these Voodoo Tenders will be part of a perfectly reasonable $5 combo box which includes a side and a biscuit, presumably for a limited time during spooky season. Of course, given that Popeyes is a Louisiana-style chain, any kind of Voodoo-themed chicken is ostensibly thematically appropriate year-round. So maybe, just maybe, this will be something that people like that Popeyes won’t run out of.