Popeyes Adds Mouthwatering New Chicken Wing Flavor to the Menu

Popeyes is introducing yet another exciting menu item this summer—only available for a limited time.

The fried chicken franchise announced the arrival of its Sweet 'N Spicy Wings. It features six crispy, battered chicken wings marinated in a sweet and spicy blend of chili, garlic, and ginger. It comes at the perfect time, as the NFL season begins on Sept. 7.

The wings are already available in some locations, with a fan sharing their review on Reddit.

"Tried these yesterday and they absolutely smacked. Most likely getting them again today," someone wrote.

When asked if it was "very saucy" or "a glaze," the person noted, "Guess it depends on how much they put on but mine were more saucy. It wasn’t drowning but they were definitely covered with a little extra in the container. They come in a black container, I saw them put the wings in, squeeze in the sauce, and then shake up the box."

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The announcement mentions that the new wings flavor "strikes the perfect balance between slightly sweet and slightly spicy— just like a sweet and spicy Southern grandma."

Speaking of grandmas, Popeyes is celebrating National Grandmother's Day on Oct. 8. Beginning on Sept. 25, the fast food chain is giving away festive cards in its Los Angeles, New York City, and New Orleans locations with the purchase of a Popeyes gift card of $5 or more.

Besides the addition of the Sweet 'N Spicy Wings, another delicious item made its debut on Popeyes' menu this summer. In July, the Oreo Cheesecake Cup was included in the dessert lineup.

However, much like the flavored wings, the sweet treat is only available for a limited time. The franchise has yet to announce the final date that both items will be sold.

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