Poodle's Puzzled Reaction to Brother's Haircut Is Too Funny to Resist

We are cracking up!

We always love getting haircuts because you feel all refreshed. Confidence has come over you and people can't get over the new look. Sometimes the new look is so dramatic people won't even recognize you. Heck, pets might not even recognize you with a new haircut! 

Turns out our pets can be taken aback when they see someone with a new hairstyle. You can see that with this clip from TikTok user @emmaeisenbergg. This creator has two poodles and one recently got a haircut. And when the other one saw the transformation, he was stunned. You'll LOL as soon as you see the dog's reaction! 

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LMAO! This poor Poodle didn't know how to react. He didn't even know if it was his brother or not. A quick little paw tap and sniff would allow him to get to the bottom of who was sitting on the couch. 

@feliciaklimpacher wrote what the dog was thinking, "I mean it looks like my brother, it smells like my brother, but is it really him?" We know haircuts can change a person, but this is a first. He didn't even recognize his own sibling! LOL! @freefire__277 added, "Where's the rest of ya?" 

"The funniest thing is the brother sitting there smiling," wrote @laz39girl. The one with the new haircut was probably laughing at the fact his brother was going nuts over the haircut. "Lol he has no idea his hair is also cut like that," said @grilledcheesesandwichx. HA! Who is going to tell him?! 


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