Pomsky's Comical Reaction to Dad Sleeping in Her Bed Is Going Viral

More and more dog parents are teaching their fur babies how to communicate by pressing buttons and it's so cool. We can't get enough of it because well, it's hilarious, but it also cements their message of what they want.

Dogs who use these buttons truly do not hold anything back. Take for instance this clip from TikTok user @sapphie_the_pomsky. This Pomsky was upset his dad was sleeping in her bed and what she says in the button is cracking us up. No wonder the video has already reached over 16 million views within the first two days of being posted. Check it out!

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O.M.G. She was fuming that he dad was in her bed. And honestly, we get it. Your bed is your sanctuary. She didn't want anyone messing up her favorite spot. Plus, he has his own bed that he can use. LOL!

"She's like, 'Why do I have buttons if yall not going to listen,'" wrote @ivoryrose619. For real though! What's the point of expressing how you're feeling if they aren't even going to pay attention to you?! @vivaamandaa added, "She’s so smart and cute. How does she know how to press the right ones too?" That's what we want to know! Not only is this video hilarious because she's demanding he move, but it's also impressive. Any dog that can talk with buttons is clearly light-years ahead of everyone else.

TikTokers are specifically laughing at the button this Pomsky pressed after asking for him to move. Something tells us she's been here before a simple please doesn't work anymore. @isabel1lla said, "She could just push the move button but she really had to add her saucy word every time and repeat it." She really had to get her message across. LOL!

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