A Politician Claims 'Peppa Pig's Lesbian Moms Are 'Tool of War'

Lesbian moms on Peppa Pig
Lesbian moms on Peppa Pig
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Russian MP Alexander Khinshtein gave out a speech where he accused the lesbian polar bear moms on Peppa Pig of being a “tool of hybrid war.”

BBC reporter Francis Scarr shared a video featuring Khinshtein’s full speech where he rants about Peppa Pig, South Park, and Call Me by Your Name. The politician said:

“LGBTQ+ is nowadays a tool of hybrid war, and in that hybrid war, we must protect our traditional values. We must protect our society and our children. Let me very quickly demonstrate what kind of propaganda is already being waged against our society.”

After showing images of the aforementioned TV shows and film, Khinshtein stopped at Peppa Pig and explained to the audience:

“In one episode, a polar bear is drawing a portrait of her family and says: ‘I live with my mommy and my other mommy.’”

For context, the animated Peppa Pig series has featured a family consisting of two moms during a recent episode earlier this year. Those two moms are animated polar bears who live together and have a relationship.

According to a Barron’s report, Russian politicians took some time on Monday, October 17 to discuss new amendments to the country’s existing anti-gay laws. Khinshtein added:

“The war is not only on the battlefield. It is also in the smartphones of our children, in cartoons and films… Our enemy really holds the propaganda of sodomy as the core of its influence.”

Russia’s stance against LGBTQ+ people has always been clear, but things are taking an even sharper turn in recent times.

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