Polish Crested Chicken Has the Best Reaction to Trying a Pint-Sized Pup Cup

As pup cups have gotten more and more popular in recent years, baristas have met all kinds of four-legged customers. Dogs are definitely the most popular connoisseurs of the sweet treats, but almost any animal could enjoy one--just ask Claudette the Polish crested chicken.

The colorful hen and her owner, @fabulous40mamaw, made a detour to pick up a pup cup for the chicken. Although she didn't get to say hello to any baristas, she did give her viewers an unobstructed view of her hilarious taste test on August 26. Her reaction to the whipped cream could put a smile on anyone's face!

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LMAO! I think it's safe to say that Claudette likes the whipped cream. She practically dunked her whole head in after her first taste of the good stuff, and I don't blame her one bit. I'd do the same if I could!

Naturally, commenters were able to relate too. @No_fuss_gus wrote, "that's exactly the way I dive into my first cup of coffee in the morning." Exactly! That feeling is the same kind of bliss I can see on this Polish crested chicken's face after her first taste of whipped cream. So is the feeling from @blackcloud64's comment: "this is me at the Mexican restaurant when they bring out the Queso Blanco!" Whatever each person's vice may be, I think it's safe to say we can all see a bit of ourselves in this hungry chicken's reaction.

As much as Claudette is enjoying the pup cup, it's worth mentioning that this is only a treat--not a regular part of her meals. Sugar and dairy aren't harmful to chickens in small quantities, though there's always a risk of stomach upset when feeding a pet (yes, including a pet chicken) something new. Fortunately, whipped cream tends to be safe--and delicious, too!

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