Update: Neighbor arrested after video shows assault of woman who called 911

Update: On Thursday, Frank Tumm was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, according to the Miami-Dade Police Department. After his arrest, Tumm was transported to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami.

A woman who called 911 this week to report that a neighbor had threatened her with a shotgun wound up being the one arrested — and violently manhandled, according to a video of the incident — for allegedly arguing with responding police officers. It’s resulted in a police investigation — as well as the officer being “relieved of his duties.”

It all began on the morning of March 5, according to a police report provided to Yahoo Lifestyle by the Miami-Dade Police department, when best friends Dyma Tera Loving, 26 and Adrianna Green, 22, of Miami, Fla., were walking past the home of a family friend named Frank Tumm, who was standing on his porch waiting for food delivery.

“Frank has known Adrianna since she was in diapers, but he’s been involving her in a dispute he has with her grandparents,” Loving tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Everyone involved attests to a mutual verbal altercation that then took place, but the women claim Tumm pointed a shotgun at them, threatening to shoot. “He said he would shoot my ‘burnt black face off,'” Loving tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

The women ran down the street and called 911.

But Tumm, 50, says he doesn’t own a firearm. “I don’t believe in guns,” he tells Yahoo Lifestyle, stating that he has been quarreling with Green for one year.

According to the incident report, an officer notated a “shotgun,” which Tumm says references an old golden BB gun in his backyard, which he showed to officers during a property search. The police tell Yahoo Lifestyle that no weapons were recovered from Tumm’s home and that he was not arrested or charged with a crime.

Alfred Gerald, a friend of Tumm’s who was present, stated that Tumm did not have a gun, according to the report. But he then retracted his story, siding with the women. When reached for comment by Yahoo Lifestyle, Gerald stood by his initial testimony.

When talking to police, Loving tells Yahoo Lifestyle, “I asked if I could go plug in my phone somewhere to check on my three children because I was scared and worried. One officer grabbed my arm and started shaking it.”

That’s when Green filmed Officer Alejandro Giraldo lunging at Loving, grabbing her arms and pushing her against a chainlink fence. He and his partner are seen trying to handcuff Loving, but she kept her body rigid, yelling, “Do not touch me!” Giraldo wrapped his arms around Loving’s neck and wrestled her to the sidewalk, finally fitting her with handcuffs.

Loving was taken to Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center and charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct/disturbing the peace

A second police report sent to Yahoo Lifestyle said Loving was “acting belligerent and would not obey commands,” hindering the investigating into Tumm. Loving, who was “upset, very irate, and uncooperative,” refused to calm down during questioning and was therefore arrested, it says.

On Thursday, police director Juan J. Perez issued a statement: “I find the actions depicted on the video deeply troubling and in no way reflective of our core values of integrity, respect, service, and fairness. This is why last week, upon becoming aware of the video posted on social media, an immediate inquiry was initiated which resulted in the involved officer being relieved of duty and of his role as a field training officer. An investigation into the entire incident is currently ongoing and I upon its conclusion, I will hold those that violated any of our policies and/or procedures accountable for their actions or lack thereof.”

Loving has an abrasion on her elbow and has reported injuries to her neck and back. “It hurt to talk for three days,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “The officer should be trained in empathy. I got treated like trash.”

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