Police officer drives 3-year-old to school when her mother gets flat tire

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A Waco, Texas police officer helped out Shemeca Mabry and her daughter Zamhia Bennett, when their car had a flat tire. (Photo courtesy of Shemeca Mabry
A Waco, Texas police officer helped out Shemeca Mabry and her daughter Zamhia Bennett, when their car had a flat tire. (Photo courtesy of Shemeca Mabry

A Facebook video posted by a woman in Waco, Texas, is warming hearts for showing the kindness of police officers.

In her Wednesday video, 30-year-old Shemecas Mabry captured Officer John Rozyskie of the Waco Police Department, helping her and her 3-year-old daughter, Zamiha Bennett, after their car got a flat tire on the way to school.

Mabry was at a gas station trying to put air in the burst tire when the officer saw her and offered help. When he realized that she had a little girl with her, he stepped up in a different way.

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“This policeman stopped...to help, to take my baby to school,” Mabry said in the video, which has been viewed nearly 150,000 times since she posted it. “He did not have to do that, to make sure she gets to school on time.”

Mabry continued, “I’m riding with her so she can be comfortable, he got the car seat in there and everything.”

Mabry says the officer’s kindness meant more than a simple favor. “It was confirmation for me, letting me know that the direction I’m going is exactly where I need to be,” Mabry tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

The mom is currently studying for her masters degree in psychology so that she can eventually open her own clinic.

“In the car, we discussed how we want contribute to the world in our own ways,” Mabry says. “I said, that was probably why all of this happened, so we can give each other hope that there are still people out there, doing good.”

The Waco Police Department says that Rozyskie was only doing his job. “We are very proud of our officer’s actions,” Sergeant Patrick Swanton PIO tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “We appreciate the fact that the citizen took the time to recognize his efforts. Fortunately for our community these type of actions go on daily with our officers, we’re very proud of all of them.”

Officer Rozyskie, who has been on the force for 30 years, sent Yahoo Lifestyle a copy of a message he wrote on Facebook.

“What I did for Shemecas and her daughter was my upbringing and my profession,” he wrote. “We help people in my business. I was called out to her location, saw her and helped her. That's what we do. Honestly, and I can speak for a lot of great people I work with in patrol, we have paid for gas, food, groceries, cab, bus tickets and several other items because we saw families in need. People don't see it, but we do things like this. There are bad times too. Everyone has seen those videos. I have been in those situations and, for lack of a better term, those times suck. But, for a short time, it's nice to get recognized. I did what was right. Shemecas and her daughter made it to school which was great. Bottom line, we don't do it for fame or money. It's like being a priest..... it's a calling!!!”

Mabry tells Yahoo Lifestyle that her daughter will likely remember the gesture. “...My daughter is going to grow up knowing that good police officers and good people do exist.”

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