New Police Officer Gets Booted from Department. The Reason Why Will Make You SMH

Screenshot:  Marion Police Department
Screenshot: Marion Police Department

Just two days after being sworn in, a Marion police officer said bye-bye to his new job after a few of his racist social media posts were found, according to the IndyStar. The posts were published before he even got his uniform.

The case of 48-hour Officer Chaz Foy is precisely why Black people believe police departments are riddled with racists. You can’t keep racist people from applying for the job but you can certainly screen them to see if they hold bigoted beliefs.

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Foy was flagged for two posts he made. One from the top of this month was posted to Facebook with a caption reading, “With gas hitting 4.89 and climbing, let’s all take a moment to appreciate better times.” Those “better times” he referred to were referenced in the picture attached, of George Floyd under the knee of former Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin.

In another post from April 2021, Foy posted a caricature of a Black man titled “Martin Looter King.”

Marion Police Department Chief Angela Haley wasn’t having it once these were brought to her attention.

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On Tuesday, social media posts Chaz Foy allegedly shared on his personal Facebook account were brought to the attention of the Marion Police Department, according to a news release. Marion Chief of Police Angela Haley personally reviewed the posts and called them “racist” and said they were not keeping with the standards of their department.

“I do not condone this type of behavior and will not tolerate it,” Haley said in a news release.

Foy, who had been sworn for duty as a Marion Police Department officer on Monday, was terminated that Wednesday.

The pushback on reforming the screening process for prospective police officers sounds more like a sorry excuse when the only thing the MPD had to do was click on Foy’s Facebook page (which they should’ve done when he first applied).

Luckily, they nipped this in the bud. However, plenty of officers *cough* Antioch *cough* spend years in policing while throwing around the same racist banter.

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