Police officer charged with murder of TV host Jesse Baird & his boyfriend

Australian Tv personality Jesse Baird and partner Luke Davies, double murder
Australian Tv personality Jesse Baird and partner Luke Davies, double murder

A beloved Australian TV personality and his partner are dead, and a 28-year-old police officer has been charged with their murder.

According to a report from Deadline, Constable Beau Lamarre-Condon turned himself in to Sydney police on Friday, where he has been charged with two counts of murder in connection with the disappearance of TV personality Jesse Baird and his partner Luke Davies.

Baird (a presenter and red carpet reporter on Australia’s Network 10 who also appeared on that network’s morning show) and his partner have been missing since Monday, February 19, when authorities allege that Lamarre-Condon killed the couple at Baird’s home and then hired a white van to dispose of their bodies. Neighbors reportedly heard an argument that morning.

On Wednesday of this week, bloodied items belonging to Baird and Davies were found in a trash bin, and the white van was found in Newcastle, Australia, but neither body has been located yet.

Authorities also found a bullet matching Lamarre-Condon’s service gun at the crime scene along with a “significant” amount of blood.

Multiple media reports are saying that Lamarre-Condon was a celebrity blogger before becoming a police officer as well as a former partner of Baird.

“We believe there is sufficient evidence to proceed with those charges due to the evidence we have up-to-date and we continue to support and contact the family,” Detective Superintendent Daniel Doherty said. “It’s really important that we do locate the bodies, not only for the cause of death but the answers for the family because they are still grieving.”