Polaroid launches a unique collection inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat painting

 Polaroid Now Generation 2  - Basquiat Edition.
Polaroid Now Generation 2 - Basquiat Edition.
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Polaroid often collaborates with artists, creating special editioned versions of their iconic instant film cameras adorned with contemporary artworks, and Jean-Michel Basquiat's is the latest to do so.

Past collaborations with Keith Harring and David Bowie saw their artwork grace the body and film frame of some of the best instant cameras, showcasing Polaroid's 'dedication to preserving artistic heritage and encouraging a creative revival'. The new collaboration with Basquiat will transform the Polaroid Now Generation 2 and i-type film with the French artist's designs, encouraging creativity.

Polaroid Now Generation 2  - Basquiat Edition
Polaroid Now Generation 2 - Basquiat Edition

Inspired by the raw artistic style of Basquiat, Polaroid states, "This collection celebrates the shared commitment to authenticity, spontaneity, and embracing imperfections. Basquiat’s belief in beauty through improvisation aligns with the unpredictable nature of Polaroid photography, capturing genuine moments in their unedited form."

The camera getting the new makeover is the Polaroid Now Generation 2, which is an update to the classic and iconic Polaroid instant camera of yesteryear. The Now 2 features autofocus, a self-timer, and double exposure capabilities which take instant photography to the next level.

The artwork pays homage to Basquiat's famous painting titled 'Boy and Dog in a Johnnypump" which was created in 1982 - and which sold for over $100 million in 2020. The artwork has been hydro-dipped onto the camera for a striking and vibrant design. The design also features a crossed-out Polaroid logo and Basquiat's signature with a crown, which has become an iconic staple of anti-capitalist art.

Polaroid Now Generation 2  - Basquiat Edition
Polaroid Now Generation 2 - Basquiat Edition

In addition to the new camera design, the unique collection features 10 different frame designs across a pack of 8 i-type films, and a special edition shoulder strap, both showcasing Basquiat's distinctive and vibrant colors.

Many of the famous photographs taken of Basquiat were made on Polaroid films, with close friend Andy Warhol being an avid user of documenting his life with one. Polaroid chairman Oskar Smolokowski says, "We aim to pay tribute to Basquiat's influence, motivating us to embrace authenticity and spontaneity in our creativity. Andy Warhol and Maripol often photographed Basquiat on Polaroid film, capturing his essence, which in turn inspired Polaroid to curate this collection."

Polaroid Now Generation 2  - Basquiat Edition
Polaroid Now Generation 2 - Basquiat Edition

The Basquiat collection is now available from Polaroid, with the Polaroid Now Camera Generation 2 Basquiat Edition costing $129.99 | £119.99, Polaroid Color i-Type Film Basquiat Edition: $19,99 | £18,99 per pack, and Polaroid Shoulder Strap Basquiat Edition: $24.99 | £24.99.

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