Polar Bear Cam Shows Bear Gearing Up for the Upcoming Winter Wonderland

Here in Georgia, we had our first real cold night (we reached freezing temps), and it reminded me just how much I don't like the cold. Polar bears, on the other hand, don't mind it at all, and right now they're getting ready to gear up for the winter. @explore.org shared a video from their polar bear cam at the end of October, and the big white bear can't wait for the cold and snow!

Up in Alaska, this bear hammed it up for the cam and he's too cute. He found some snow and didn't waste any time to play and roll around in it. Before long there's going to be a whole lot more of it!

Unlike other bears, polar bears do not hibernate. So his reference to seeing brown bears in Alaska during the summer makes sense because now all those guys are going into hibernation. With all of the heavy snow coming, it's his time to shine!

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@explore.org commenters enjoyed the video. @Natalie Wild asked, "What does this mean? Are there no more brown bears? Has Otis gone into hibernation? I’m so confused!!" explore.org responded, "There are a few brown bears still, but we are winding down and eventually those cams lose solar power!" I'm with @Olivia who said, "I would be ripped to shreds but I just want to rub his belly". Another commenter pointed out, "How time flies... seems like yesterday when the browns were coming out for the summer!"

I'm so glad I stumbled across explore.org's feed. They share all kinds of videos from wildlife cameras they have set up. It's cool to see big bears and other wild animals in action!

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