'Pokémon GO' the Latest to Grace Shinjuku's Giant 3D Digital Billboard

Pokémon GO is the latest company to make full use of Cross Shinjuku Vision's outdoor advertising technology. Like last year's realistic giant 3D cat, this advertisement celebrates felines for International Cat Day.

While these "cats" take on a different shape compared to last year's billboard -- featuring the likes of various regional Meowths, Glameow, Purrloin, Litten, and Espurr -- this ad utilizes the same technology for a real 3D effect that makes each Pokémon pop out and appear to be interacting with the building itself. The billboard ad also has a section where a number of Poké Balls give off the illusion that they are rolling off the side of the building.

Those in Toyko can witness this Pokémon GO 3D billboard from now until September 5 at the Shinjuku East Exit.

In other news, Pokémon "Terastallize" into Crystal forms in the new Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailer.