The poignant reason why this woman wears only yellow: 'I live in the sunshine moments'

Just call Ella London “Miss Sunshine.”

“To me, yellow is the only color that exists in the world,” says the Los Angeles resident. “Everything in my life that can be yellow I make yellow.”

And that means everything — from the clothes in her closet (organized by shade into a “rainbow of yellow”) to her jewelry, accessories, makeup, knickknacks on her shelves, the tips of her blond hair, and even the car she drives, a lemon-yellow Scion with a vanity plate that reads “B Yellow.” The book editor, influencer, and “creative specialist” has been wearing her favorite hue 24/7 since 2012, according to her joyous Instagram page.

But the obsession did not stem from a whim. Instead, London explains, it sprang out of her wedding plans, when she and her then-fiancé (who prefers dressing in gray) discussed ways to honor her father, who had died when she was 2 months old, at the milestone event. “One day my fiancé said, ‘Wasn’t yellow your dad’s favorite color?’ There was no going back after that. That was the path we were on, the yellow brick road.”

Still, besides the brightness, London says she realized in 2016 that she was “dealing with depression,” and that it was “a really hard thing to come to terms with, because everyone always sees me as the happy person.” That’s when she channeled her emotions into something she calls the Sunshine Project, which started out as her posting happy yellow selfies or videos on Instagram as a way to “live a sunshine life and affecting change in other people.”

Her website elaborates on the project, and has links to an array of yellow items that fans can purchase for their own cheering up.

She hopes that her dad, Terry, would have loved it, “because I’m just committed to it, and just living my life,” and adds, “When you lose a parent at such an early age and you don’t get that emotional connection to them, there’s always a feeling of that void. For me, this is a way that I can feel like I’m getting to know him and feel like he’s in my life.”

London doesn’t see her obsession ending anytime soon, if at all. “I live in yellow,” she says, “and in saying that, it’s like I live in the sunshine moments of life.”

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