Podcasters Tear Into Pro Mountain Bikers For Promoting Electric Dirt Bikes

As countless videos on the internet have shown, Surrons and other electric dirt bikes are quite unpopular among everyday riders.

As it turns out, pros hate them too. Watch Olly Wilkins go off on the bikes on an episode of his podcast The Ride Companion below.

In this video, Wilkins rants about the issues with electric dirt bikes. His main concern is that they can flood popular trails and both do damage to them and put trail access at risk. In a sport that already has tension between user groups, this can only be a bad thing.

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Wilkins thinks that pro mountain bikers filming on Surrons only legitimizes them more and will only make them more widespread.

Olly's curmudgeonly opinions are certainly consistent. He also has issues with Strava and Trailforks. In his view, they get in the way of enjoyment on a bike.

Though he lays it on a little thick, when Olly says Surrons should go straight to the landfill, he has a point that masses buying and riding them illegally could put all types of recreation at risk.

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