PnB Rock’s Girlfriend Speaks and Reveals the Rapper's Last Moments

Photo:  Scott Dudelson (Getty Images)
Photo: Scott Dudelson (Getty Images)

Since rapper PnB Rock was fatally shot a month ago, people have been waiting to hear from the girlfriend of the Philadelphia rapper, Stephanie Sibounheuang, who was with him the day he was murdered. Now, she is finally speaking up.

Initially, some pointed blame at Sibounheuang for the star’s death because prior to the robbery on Sept. 12, she posted a photo on Instagram, which showed they were eating at a Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles in South Los Angeles, Calif. The post included a geo-tag, which gives the exact location of where the picture was taken.

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Even Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore said that the post made by Sibounheuang may have given the suspects an idea of where they were located, ultimately leading to Rock’s death.

But new details later revealed that a mystery man, who has not yet been identified, saw Sibounheuang and Rock arrive at the restaurant. The unidentified man waited outside until Freddie Lee Trone, one of the suspects in the murder, arrived and the two had a conversation before Trone left and later returned with his 17-year-old son, who is the suspected shooter, according to FOX 11 Los Angeles.

TMZ even reported that the father/son duo were already in the parking lot when Rock and Sibounheuang arrived, seemingly removing the blame aimed toward her.

In an Instagram post shared on Thursday, Sibounheuang wrote a long heartfelt message revealing that her boyfriend saved her life and some of the last words she spoke to him before he was fatally shot. In the post she wrote, “ am 100% not ok. If I wasn’t spiritual I could kill my self (but then I’ll go to hell and my man not there) My man saved my life, Throwing me under that table. I’m not supposed to be here but bc of him. I am.”

She continued, “To witness what I saw and to keep seeing it in my head, to being forced out the restaurant, to not be able to go in the ambulance or the hospital, Car keys, purse and my phone taken from me, forced in the back of a police car, locked in an interrogation room all night, while all this is going on and to be the last person in this world to know my man didn’t make it after having the faith and confidence that he was.”

On her last day with him, Sibounheuang revealed that she told him, “I know you my husband. I know you my soulmate.”

At the time of Rock’s death, many in the hip-hop community paid their respects to the Philadelphia rapper. But the one he may have loved the most has not been able to mourn him because of the unfair backlash and criticism she received on social media. This one message could be a small step in her healing from a traumatic event that she may never forget, she deserves the time and space to mourn and heal.