Plus-size model Alexandra Thomas is fat-shamed by her dermatologist: 'I'm not just my weight'

Plus-size model Alexandra Thomas has a message for those who think her weight is up for discussion.

The 25-year-old spoke out in an emotional video, after her dermatologist made unwelcome comments about her size. On leaving the clinic, Thomas took refuge in her car, whipping out her phone to share her story on YouTube.

“Being overweight is interesting, because people think they can say anything to you all of the time — like you don’t know you’re overweight,” she said into the camera, explaining that the appointment had gone well — apart from the fact that she was told to go to see her primary doctor about losing weight.

Model and vlogger Alexandra Thomas is comfortable in her skin. (Photo: Instagram/learningtobefearless)
Model and vlogger Alexandra Thomas is comfortable in her skin. (Photo: Instagram/learningtobefearless)

Thomas says she’s confronted about her weight all the time, and doesn’t understand why people think it’s OK to bring it up “constantly.”

“I’ve always been bigger. I’m extremely aware of my body. I’m aware of my weight. I’m aware of my health. Believe it or not, I actually have pretty good health for my weight, but that’s a whole other conversation, a whole other misconception,” she said.

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The model is looking forward to a day where she’ll be seen for more than just her size, adding that “people only see you as fat” when you are in a larger body.

“You look at me, and that’s the first thing you see. Then that’s what you start to label me as. I’m so much more than that,” she explains tearfully. “I’m not just my weight.”

Working on her insecurities, Thomas hopes to gain enough “self-love” and “self-confidence” to brush off incidents like these in the future.

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She says that this year, she’s tasked herself with no longer hiding her lower tummy.

Thomas ends the video by calling on women to ditch their insecurities and learn to love themselves unconditionally. “Let’s make 2018 the year of fearlessness, letting go of insecurities, and learning to love them.”

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