Plus Size Blogger Slams Critics Who Say She Shouldn't Wear Crop Tops

From Seventeen

Girls of ALL sizes can and should rock a crop top if they feel comfortable. It's just the reality. And they should definitely not listen to body-shaming noise telling then otherwise. A plus size blogger who goes by the name Phat Girl Fresh is yelling that message loud and clear in a powerful blog post on The Curvy Fashionista.

"[At] a size 24, with quite a few rolls and giggly parts, I can honestly say, I wear what I want," she writes."Because this is my body and I love every inch of it and because I love it, I dress it accordingly."

She goes on to explain how comments from others can easily distract you, but it's important to block out "ignorance." She writes: "How many times have you heard, 'She is too big to wear that?' In my opinion, these statements come from society's idea that plus size women are not capable of slaying while rocking certain fashion trends."

Well, society is definitely wrong. Because girl is slaying for sure. Head over to The Curvy Fashionista to read the rest of her killer essay.

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