This Playtex Full-Coverage Wireless Bra Is *Super* On Sale On Amazon RN

playtex bra sale on amazon
This Playtex Bra Is Majorly On Sale On Amazon RNJohn Francis / Courtesy

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When was the last time you refreshed your bra collection? Just checking, because I know I haven’t in a while, and Playtex has a ~gorgeous~ deal on their 18-Hour Ultimate Lift & Support Wireless Bra on Amazon RN.

Let’s get into the deets—different sizes and colors are on sale for different rates, but overall, it’s discounted between 44 and 74 percent off. So, while it normally sells for $39, you can snatch it up for as low as $9 at the moment. A total win, IMO.

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18-Hour Ultimate Lift & Support Wireless Bra



This full-coverage bra has a reputation of being v comfortable. It has a four-way wireless support system, meaning the sides and cups are higher, and the straps are wider. Plus, the bra has moisture-wicking fabric, so you can say goodbye to those sweaty pits in any season.

With over 65,000 global ratings on Amazon, this baby has a little over five stars. (Meaning, the people love it!) People adore how comfortable, pretty, and supportive the bra is.

One reviewer loves this bra so much, they called it “the holy grail of bras.” “I will not ever waste my time or money trying to fit into another bra,” they wrote. “If comfort and lift is important to you, don't hesitate to buy this bra in every color. Why have so many women struggled for so many years? Thank you to the creators of Playtex! My lifelong search for the perfect bra is now over!”

Another said they were skeptical the bra would fit, but were pleasantly surprised with the results. “I have such a hard time finding the right sized bra,” they wrote. “I agree that the straps seem very short but after fully adjusting the straps were very comfortable and most importantly the support is great. I am so happy with this bra that I have actually just ordered two more.”

Soooo, what are you waiting for?! Snatch this baby up while you still can.

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